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Tour de Lovecraft: The Destinations


Kenneth Hite guided readers through H.P. Lovecraft’s horror plots and themes in his earlier book Tour de Lovecraft: The Tales. Now, expanding on his “Lost in Lovecraft” column in Weird Tales magazine, he conducts a second tour of Lovecraft’s settings: from Arkham to Antarctica, and from New York City to Hyperspace. Tour de Lovecraft: The Destinations drives the hidden routes connecting seemingly unrelated tales. It follows Lovecraft’s tracks into the uncanny landscapes of his fiction, and reads the eldritch signs on the Master’s map.

Hite climbs the crags of Kingsport, delves into Deep Time, and shines a light under the shadows over Innsmouth. With Hite as your driver and Tour de Lovecraft: The Destinations as your guidebook, you can’t get lost in Lovecraft even in the loneliest parts of the planet … unless you want to …

The Digital Edition contains the PDF, Epub and MOBI formats of this book. 

“An exhaustive and indispensable gazetteer of the locations relevant to Lovecraft's fiction. Hite is the man you want by your side on this tour!”

—Leslie S. Klinger, editor, New Annotated H. P. Lovecraft

“Hite uses the quantum computer of his mind to create a traveling salesman program to explore the entire Lovecraftian universe, and thus the entire universe through the lens of Lovecraft.”

—Nick Mamatas, author of Move Under Ground, from his Foreword 

“Kenneth Hite's highly entertaining and informative guide to the places in Lovecraft's fiction will please scholars and casual fans alike.”

—Peter Cannon, author of H.P. Lovecraft for Twayne’s U.S. Authors series

"Fun, insightful and all-around entertaining, you don't want to miss the best Lovecraftiana book of the year, if not the decade!"

—Chris Lackey, co-host of the H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast

"Every Lovecraft fan needs this book. "

—Tim Powers, author of Declare