Atomic Overmind Press

Reign Limited Set: Standard Edition

For the crowdfunding campaign for Reign, we created a limited-edition magnetic-clasp wrap-around GM screen that also doubles as a slipcase for the two Reign books. We have a limited number of them left, and are selling them in sets with the two books in both physical and electronic form!  This specially priced set contains: 

  • The standard edition of Reign: Rules, containing all the One Roll Engine goodness you need to use the Reign System. 
  • The standard edition of Reign: Realms, detailing the world of Heluso and Melonda, and also including two additional fantasy worlds, the magic-driven setting of Nain, and the "no humans included" world of Ardwin. 
  • A limited edition magnetic-clasp "slip-screen", that acts as both a slipcase for the two books, and a GM screen with all the information you need to run your Reign game.
  • PDFs of both the Reign: Rules and Reign: Realms books.  

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to its shape, we are unable to ship the GM screen as a separate item.