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Reign: Realities - Enchanted Education

Young Adults Live Two Lives

One life is that of a child, under the eye of authority figures, particularly family, who view you as someone to be molded, watched, and judged.

The other is the life of a new adult—because as a young adult, you can walk by yourself or with friends, go to the library and choose your own books, and to some extent make your own decisions. 

At school, these two lives mesh; from the structure of class to the freedom of study periods, clubs, and after-school. When this is new, it can be a sort of magic (and for some, this is also where your religious and political beliefs form—another kind of magic). 

Welcome to your Enchanted Education

The Hallow Halls of Learning

School is also a place of transformation, and in middle and high school, times of astonishing physical change. As a place of new and unexpected knowledge, school is filled with mystery.

Who is to say what lurks in forbidden areas of the school? With so much new to learn, who can say that anything—magic, spirits, aliens—aren’t among them? Algebra, Physics, and Literature can lead to new insights undreamt of, so what’s one more thing? Or even three?

That’s why magical school stories are a subgenre, ranging from mysteries, romances, and coming of age, to heists, rivalries, and revolutions. Through the story, our heroes learn about the occult(ed) world (even in worlds that already seem different from our own), make enemies and friends, and eventually find resolutions, usually involving winning convincingly—or maybe just learning to fix their own mistakes.

Let's Go Back to School!

In Enchanted Education, the PCs are students, some new to magic, all with things to learn. They form, or join, a Company whose members support (or squabble with) one another, again and again. Eventually things build until it becomes an adventure story, until that plotline is resolved, and we’re back to school stuff again after winter break, or for the next semester or school year.

in this 40 page PDF, authors Lisa Padol and Joshua Kronengold have lovingly constructed not a Reign setting, but a Reign meta-setting—that is, a set of tools for building the Hogwarts, Luna Nova Academy, or Hilltowne University best suited for you and your players. This one isn’t pre-built for you, but if you’re the type of gamer who likes to get your hands dirty with construction, this has all the dirt you could possibly need. Also, a new combat system, because why not?

Reign: Realities - Enchanted Education requires the Reign: Rules book to play.