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Cthulhu in World Mythology

Did our ancestors worship Great Cthulhu thousands of years ago?

We now have proof, and the truth can be told!

Denied by generations of scholars as mere fiction, astonishing new mythological and archaeological evidence proves that an advanced and ancient global cult spread the worship of the octopus-headed Great Cthulhu and his Old Ones to every corner of the prehistoric world—and gives a shockingly eldritch and miasmal cast to some of history’s most important mythological tales. Why is it that the Greeks feared a terrible monster with writhing tentacles? Why did peoples of the Pacific build cyclopean stone “Houses of the Octopus” to enact the periodic resurrection of that strange mollusk?

Profound and persuasive, Jason Colavito’s historical bombshell Cthulhu in World Mythology is the result of the author’s lifelong pursuit of the truth behind the widespread allusions to Cthulhu, Nyarlathotep, Azathoth, and the Old Ones in world literature. The author masterfully weaves together (in alphabetical order) ancient history, anthropology, archaeology, art history, astrology, astronomy, Atlantis theory, demonology, linguistics, literary theory, mythology, the occult, religious studies, and xenoarchaeology to tell the hidden history of early humanity.

Ancient myths, once dismissed as fantasies, can now be seen in their true light—as a record of the coming of Cthulhu and his reign on the early Earth. Strange archaeological sites, once dismissed as merely “religious,” can now be viewed as deliberate imitations of Cthulhu’s lost city of R’lyeh and its non-Euclidean architecture. If you have ever watched Ancient Aliens and wondered whether ancient astronauts were real, Cthulhu in World Mythology provides essential proof. Prehistoric myths and legends aren’t just tales of alien beings but of specific extraterrestrials: the Great Old Ones themselves! This scholarly masterpiece by history’s most insightful scholar of prehistoric extraterrestrial intervention upends academia’s traditional view of ancient mythology. Within the pages of this perception-shattering historical work , the reader will find:

  • revolutionary new understanding of the influence of Great Cthulhu on cultures and peoples worldwide!
  • Shocking new evidence for Cthulhu worship drawn from impeccable scholarly sources!
  • The true origin of many ancient gods and myths finally explained!

Drawing on suppressed and forgotten scholarly works from prehistory to the modern age, this book demonstrates that behind the façade of ancient “gods” like Zeus and Quetzalcoatl, there squirm and roil the tentacles of Great Cthulhu himself! Delve into the pages of Cthulhu in World Mythology if you have an open mind and are ready to hear Cthulhu’s call!

Cthulhu in World Mythology is a 196-page trade paperback from Atomic Overmind Press, acclaimed publishers of Tour de Lovecraft: The Tales, and Cthulhu 101

Jason Colavito is an author and editor whose books include The Cult of Aliens Gods and Knowing Fear. He investigates the connections between science, history, and speculative fiction and in his spare time serves as the world’s most important expert on prehistoric extraterrestrial intervention in human history.

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