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Reign: Realities - Boomerang World

Ride the Boomerang to New World Vistas

Occasionally, one of those alternate timeline specials airs on the History Channel speculating on what would have happened if the Bolshevik Revolution had been successful. They go through the expected motions of interviewing experts on real-life history, read letters from people close to the czar at the time, and interview people involved with the American agent who brought the whole scheme tumbling down. Unfortunately, even if he or she is still alive, the operation itself is still classified. 

You May Ask Yourself How Did We Get Here?

Though the specifics may elude us for a little while longer, the consequences are clear: those friendly to the czar were warned in time and able to quash the uprising. This gesture firmly cemented the good will between the United States and Russia which has held fast ever since. 

There are, of course, skeptics. Some historians believe no matter what came to pass, the Bolsheviks never had a serious chance of taking over Russia. Furthermore, these historians argue even if the Bolsheviks had assassinated the czar’s family, their lack of experience managing large groups of people and contradictory philosophical principles in economic, social, and legal spheres meant they wouldn’t have been able to hold on to this power for more than a few years. 

Still further extremes posit that, since no one has ever officially emigrated from or even traveled to a strand where the Bolsheviks were successful, such a timeline never could have existed. 

But anyone familiar with transreality travel knows there are forbidden strands.

The American and Russian governments’ official explanation is that some realms aren’t publicly discussed or popularized due to the presence of deadly pathogens. In many cases, that may even be true. But some of us think the strand where the Bolsheviks succeeded does in fact exist, and the Americans and Russians are withholding access to it out of fear. The notion of any Communist success threatens global stability. 

Explore Other Worlds...or Master a World Unlike Our Own

In an alternate world where the Communist revoltion in Russia fails, tranreality exploraton technology known as the Boomerang reshapes everything. Will you explore an alternate "strand" of reality, or try to change the mainline one? The choise is yours in Lochlan Sudarshan's strange world and campaign toolbox for Greg Stolze's Reign roleplaying game! 

Reign: Realities - Boomerang World requires the Reign: Rules book to play.