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The Day After Ragnarok Figure Flats Set 1

Mighty-thewed barbarians and grim mercenaries roam the desolate plains of Ohio. Giant snakes, and those who worship them, prowl the ruins of St. Louis. Pirates battle the Japanese invaders in the South China Sea. Bold British agents, equipped with experimental bio-technology, thwart the insidious infiltration of Stalin's humanzees. Sky-raiders strike from hidden bases in the Sahara, deros skulk in South American caverns, and the Texas Rangers fight electrical death worms to save Los Alamos. This is the world of The Day After Ragnarok.

Welcome to the first set of Figure Flats for The Day After RagnarokBehind the Serpent Curtain covers the threats and enemies that lurk in the Soviet Union, behind the Serpent Curtain. Jacob Blackmon's art brings you paper miniatures for:

  • Forces of the Red Army! - Red Army Soldiers, Red Army Officers, Red Army Pilots
  • The NKVD! - NKVD Commissars, NKVD Agents, Soviet Psychics
  • Simian Soviets! - Manrillas, Oranghumans, Maboons, Chumanzees
  • And more! - Chinese Soldiers, and the mighty and fearsome JOTUNS!

Presented in three different formats for your convenience, this 10 page PDF has what you need to battle the forces that dwell behind the Serpent Curtain. Simply print them out on some cardstock, cut out the ones you need, an you'll be ready to go!