Atomic Overmind Press

One Sheet: Race for the Jade Scroll

Available for Savage Worlds and Fate Core

Hong Kong is home to criminals, eccentrics, rebels, and refugees…and an occupying Japanese army. Nevertheless, one of the heroes receives a letter informing her that an old friend living in the city—former Oxford University Professor Cyrus Lockheart—has died, and that he left certain papers and personal effects to her. There is one condition: the items, broadly hinted to be of great value, must be retrieved in person.

Authors Kennon and Keaton Bauman's scenario sends the heroes hurtling through the streets of Hong Kong in pursuit of a strange inheritance, can they win the Race for the Jade Scroll??!

This One-Sheet for The Day After Ragnarok contains everything you need for a quick and easy adventure for your party in the World after Serpentfall.